Kitty and Critter Care

Hey, other pets need love and attention too right!

Furry, scaley, and feathered friends need just as much love and attenion as their barking counterparts.

We can come at any time, and take care of all the needs of your other pets as well.

Included in this are:

  • Kitty litter changing, grooming, and any playing or cuddling they may
    like at the moment(they may change their minds at any given second :P)
  • Fish feeding, tank cleaning
  • Lizard and reptile feeding/grooming(as desired by the pet of course)
  • Bird feeding, bedding changing, and grooming as they like
  • Smaller fuzzy friends(we love them too) Mice, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, rats and all of them. Bedding changes, feeding, excercize balls, and love as wanted
  • We know that they are pets that we missed, but they are not forgotten! If we missed something just let us know, we will absolutely meet any needs
    your pet may have!
Kitty and Critter CareTaking care of all your pets needs 15-20 minute visit as needed$15

*All visits include free Kitty N Critter feeding and water changing/garbage services included as well.

Ready For A Walk?

$2230 Minutes

$4060 Minutes

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